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The Linux & Open Source Manual (2017)

The Linux & Open Source Manual
Papercut Limited | 2017 | English | ISBN: 190730682X | True PDF | 196 pages | 144 MB

Linux may not have the user numbers that Microsoft or Apple enjoy but those who have adopted the open source world into their digital life have found this remarkable operating system, and the available free programs it offers, a breath of fresh air.

Linux offers the user a fast, secure environment, free from bloated software,
to work and play on. Not only are you able to configure it to your own personal tastes, you can also enjoy a superb everyday desktop operating system that’s developed by a community of likeminded users.
Linux and open source stands for much more than just free-to-use programs and apps. It’s a movement that’s gathering pace and embraces everything that’s good about the modern digital age.





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