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Archive for February, 2016

Smart Photography – March 2016

Smart Photography – March 2016
English | 150 Pages | True PDF | 28 Mb

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Retrato: A Guide to Portrait Photography, Gaining Followers and Making Money

“Retrato: A Guide to Portrait Photography, Gaining Followers and Making Money” by Bleeblu
2015 | EPUB | 106 pages | ASIN: B019L2Y3Y6 | English | 1.59 MB

My first year starting photography was the toughest. Not because I didn’t know anything but because the things I wanted to learn were scattered all over the internet. It wasn’t all in one convenient place.

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HDR Masterclass: High dynamic range made easy

“HDR Masterclass: High dynamic range made easy” by Serge Ramelli
2015 | EPUB | 233 pages | ASIN: B018HBTM5M | English | 20.72 MB

This is the full HDR shooting and retouching workflow.

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Exhibition Design: An Introduction (2nd Edition)

Exhibition Design: An Introduction (2nd Edition) by Philip Hughes
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1780676069 | 232 pages | PDF | 870 MB

This book describes the skills needed to become an exhibition designer, including: developing a brief and working with clients; design principles for graphics, circulation, lighting and accessibility; presenting ideas to clients; and the practicalities of production.

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The Non-Designer’s Design Book, 4th Edition

The Non-Designer’s Design Book, 4th Edition by Robin Williams
English | 2014 | ISBN: 0133966151 | 240 pages | EPUB + MOBI | 8,5 + 11 MB

For nearly 20 years, designers and non-designers alike have been introduced to the fundamental principles of great design by author Robin Williams.

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The Sociology Book

DK Publishing, “The Sociology Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained)”
ISBN: 1465436502 | 2015 | PDF | 352 pages | 92 MB

The Sociology Book takes on some of humankind’s biggest questions: What is society? What makes it tick? Why do we interact in the way that we do with our friends, coworkers, and rivals?

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Deck Ideas You Can Use: Creative Deck Designs for Every Home & Yard

Chris Peterson, “Deck Ideas You Can Use: Creative Deck Designs for Every Home & Yard”
ISBN: 1589236572 | 2011 | PDF | 144 pages | 99 MB

A comprehensive deck design tool that is packed with useful information and stunning, full-color photos. From choosing deck materials to complementing the architecture of your house, this book covers every aspect of the design process to help you create a custom deck that’s perfect for your home and yard. Written and researched by noted DIY author and designer Chris Peterson, this is an all-new expansion of backlist favorite Portfolio of Deck Ideas. More than 250 all-new photos, plus all-new text and all-new attitude make this the most satisfying and useful deck ideas book you can find today, and at an attractive price point.

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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Fashion Sewing

Carole Ann Camp, “Teach Yourself VISUALLY Fashion Sewing”
ISBN: 0470542977 | 2011 | PDF | 304 pages | 478 MB

Discover how your wardrobe (and your wallet) can reap what you sew

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The Pregnancy Encyclopedia

DK Publishing, “The Pregnancy Encyclopedia”
ISBN: 1465443789 | 2016 | PDF | 352 pages | 40 MB

The Pregnancy Encyclopedia is an engaging and accessible question-and-answer guide to some of the most commonly asked questions about pregnancy, packed with full-color photographs and illustrations.

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Grilling, Grilling & More Grilling!

Dror Pilz, “Grilling, Grilling & More Grilling!”
ISBN: 1936140918 | 2013 | PDF | 144 pages | 146 MB

Nothing’s better for bringing friends and family together than a good meal cooked over an open flame. This collection of luscious recipes celebrates the magic of fusion cuisine, techniques old and new, and tricks gathered not just from the world’s best chefs but from the moms and dads who tend to the grill in their own backyards. And while you’ll get the much-loved burgers, steaks, and corn on the cob, you’ll also discover new favorites, from the plains of South America to the rice patties of the Far East.

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Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate!

Elie Tarrab, “Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate!”
ISBN: 1623540208 | 2014 | PDF | 144 pages | 90 MB

No matter how it’s prepared-in a Chocolate Lava Cake or a bite-sized Orange Liqueur Praline -nothing says decadence like chocolate. For anyone who can’t get enough of this most delicious of all ingredients-and that’s EVERYONE, of course-this cookbook is absolute heaven! With more than eighty recipes for chocolate truffles and ganache, candies and cookies, sheets and other treats, you can open up a whole new world of deliciousness.

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Bash Pocket Reference: Help for Power Users and Sys Admins, 2nd Edition

Arnold Robbins, “Bash Pocket Reference: Help for Power Users and Sys Admins, 2nd Edition”
English | ISBN: 1491941596 | 2016 | PDF/EPUB/MOBI | 160 pages | 3 MB/3 MB/6 MB

It’s simple: if you want to interact deeply with Mac OS X, Linux, and other Unix-like systems, you need to know how to work with the Bash shell. This concise little book puts all of the essential information about Bash right at your fingertips.

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Learning JavaScript: Add Sparkle and Life to Your Web Pages, 3rd Edition

Ethan Brown, “Learning JavaScript: Add Sparkle and Life to Your Web Pages, 3rd Edition”
English | ISBN: 1491914912 | 2016 | PDF/EPUB/MOBI | 364 pages | 6 MB/3 MB/10 MB

This is an exciting time to learn JavaScript. Now that the latest JavaScript specification-ECMAScript 6.0 (ES6)-has been finalized, learning how to develop high-quality applications with this language is easier and more satisfying than ever. This practical book takes programmers (amateurs and pros alike) on a no-nonsense tour of ES6, along with some related tools and techniques.

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Getting Started in Photography: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Taking Great Pictures

“Getting Started in Photography: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Taking Great Pictures” by Jim Hamel
2016 | EPUB | 200 pages | ASIN: B01BT4P0DC | English | 4 MB

Ready to learn the art and science of creating stunning photographs? This book will get you started.

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DSLR Photography: 55 Beginners Secrets To Making The Best Shots With Your Digital Camera

“DSLR Photography: 55 Beginners Secrets To Making The Best Shots With Your Digital Camera” by Bobby Perkins
2015 | EPUB | 62 pages | ISBN: 151528137X | English | 0.1 MB

This is an intuitive, step-by-step guide to becoming a DSLR expert from scratch. Presented in a simplistic, understandable way, it will guide the DSLR newbie from the very first steps of holding the camera right through to having a portfolio of compelling, professional looking photographs without needing to stretch the budget for more expensive equipment.

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Murach’s C# 2015

Anne Boehm, Joel Murach, “Murach’s C# 2015”
English | ISBN: 1890774944 | 2015 | 908 pages | PDF | 248 MB

This core C# book has been a favorite of developers ever since the 1st edition came out in 2004. So you can be sure that this 6th edition will deliver the professional skills you’re looking for.

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Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL for Developers, 2nd Edition

Joel Murach, “Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL for Developers, 2nd Edition”
English | ISBN: 1890774804 | 2014 | 632 pages | PDF | 122 MB

If you’re developing applications that access Oracle databases, you can save time and work by having SQL do more of the data handling for you: This new book shows you how. It teaches you how to create effective SQL queries to extract and update the data in an Oracle database. It teaches you how to design and implement a database, giving you insight into performance and security issues. It teaches you how to use PL/SQL to take advantage of powerful features like stored procedures, functions, and triggers. In short, it teaches you to create the kind of efficient database applications that make you a more effective and valuable developer.

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Murach’s jQuery, 2nd Edition

Murach’s jQuery, 2nd Edition by Zak Ruvalcaba and Anne Boehm
English | 2015 | ISBN: 189077491X | 596 pages | PDF | 170 MB

Today, jQuery is used in over 60% of the million most-visited websites, and that makes it one of the technologies that every web developer should master. The problem is that jQuery is difficult to learn, especially for those with limited programming experience. But now, this new edition of our jQuery book makes it easier than ever to learn how to use jQuery to create the dynamic user interfaces, fast response times, and special effects that today’s users expect.

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Idiot’s Guides: Drawing Pets

Idiot’s Guides: Drawing Pets by David Williams
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1615648178 | 206 pages | EPUB | 424 MB

Kids and adults love to draw, especially animals and pets. Idiot’s Guides: Drawing Pets takes readers through baby steps of how to draw the basic shapes and then to develop the drawings into accurate likenesses of their favorite animals. The book features two-color, detailed instructions for creating 50 of the most popular pets, including plenty of varieties of dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, horses, and more.

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Olive – March 2016

Olive – March 2016
English | 124 pages | True PDF | 35.00 Mb

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