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Retrato: A Guide to Portrait Photography, Gaining Followers and Making Money

“Retrato: A Guide to Portrait Photography, Gaining Followers and Making Money” by Bleeblu
2015 | EPUB | 106 pages | ASIN: B019L2Y3Y6 | English | 1.59 MB

My first year starting photography was the toughest. Not because I didn’t know anything but because the things I wanted to learn were scattered all over the internet. It wasn’t all in one convenient place.

I had bought several books on photography. I spent countless hours with my face buried within their pages, however, it was too complicated for a beginner like me. Understanding basic concepts such as f-stops, depth of field and different types of light shouldn’t be made complicated.

Retrato is the first photography ebook of its kind because it takes you a few steps further past the basics of photography. Knowing how to take a great picture is half of what you need to know to become an established photographer. This ebook will do all of that plus teach you how to gather an audience and different several ways you can make money off of your photography. Retrato is an amalgamation of everything I wish I knew when I started photography: Finding models, handling criticism and everything else.







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