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Programming Arduino With Python For Robots (2020 Edition)

Programming Arduino With Python For Robots (2020 Edition): A Beginner to Advanced Reference Guide to Arduino programming for Microcontroller processing and Robotics by Ted Humphrey
English | 2020 | ASIN: B08F2Q2Q3Q | 117 Pages | EPUB | 11 MB

The Arduino board is an easy to use microcontroller that can interface with a lot of electronics for the purpose of controlling these gadgets with minimal stress. The Arduino C programming language is the language of instruction for Arduino through which it interfaces itself with a computer. This book shows you how to compile the Arduino programming language and use it to control hardware attached to the Arduino USB. The python programming language is also handy for Arduino and it can serve as a basis for a lot of user-friendly Arduino projects. This eBook will also teach you all the basics that you need in python to be able to interface with your Arduino. There are many Arduino variants, but the variant used in this book is the Arduino Uno variant. This eBook brings you the best of three worlds; Arduino, python and the Arduino C programming language, in order to help the reader to develop simple and amazing projects.





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