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Photographing Men: Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion Photography

Jeff Rojas, “Photographing Men: Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion Photography”
ISBN: 013443305X | 2016 | EPUB/AZW | 256 pages | 20 MB/20 MB

More and more men are seeking out great portrait, commercial, or fashion photography. For working photographers, photographing men may be one of today’s greatest new opportunities. But, while there are dozens of books, guides, and workshops on photographing women, there’s been practically nothing comparable for men. until now!

Jeff Rojas’s Photographing Men is today’s definitive full-color guide to every aspect of modern male photography. Rojas builds on his unique in-person course, which has made him Google’s #1 go-to search result for knowledge on photographing males. Rojas covers posing, styling, posing, lighting, post-production, and more, showing how to achieve outstanding results and maximum creative expression. You’ll discover how to:

Make male clients look natural, masculine, and confident
Skillfully document your male clients’ best attributes, physical and emotional
Define every man’s face shapes, body shapes, and other features
Compensate for flaws and perceived flaws, including acne, baldness, double chins, gray hair, wrinkles, and large features
Overcome the challenges of styling male subjects, including big, skinny, and short men
Understand how a suit should really fit your subject – and what to do if suits are out of the question
Properly light all shapes and sizes of men for portraits, fashion, and commercial images (with complete lighting diagrams, behind-the-scenes images, and gear lists)
Get detailed examples and tips for portraits, 3/4 poses, and full-length poses
Photograph entrepreneurs, managers, prosperous men, innovators, “classic” and “handsome” men, athletes, muscle men, underwear models, and even movie stars
Complement every man’s features in post-production techniques
And much more





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