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Learn Real Graphic Design

Learn Real Graphic Design
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Design goes way beyond Photoshop. Learn the theory behind design and how to apply it to real-life projects.

Are you tired of only finding Photoshop tutorials and no tutorial on design theory? Maybe you have no idea how to actually begin your design career? What do you really need to know? You don’t know how to use color or typography? I might just have the right solution for you!

From the same author that brought you the Udemy free course “Introduction to Graphic Design”, finally a course that will go in-depth and explain all the theory you really need to know to get your design career up and going!

This course covers information on a university level, so get ready for a content-rich course!

And we won’t just see theory! There is also the practical side of it: how do you apply all of this information in your design projects? All explained in one helpful and complete course!


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