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How to Become a Youtuber

How to Become a Youtuber by Eleftherios Avgeris
English | 12 July 2015 | ASIN: B011HI0GHU | 15 Pages | True MOBI (Kindle)/(EPUB/PDF conv) | 1.71 MB

Becoming a youtuber and more specifically a successful youtuber is really hard these days due to harsh competition on this huge platform that is called Youtube .Having failed many times I have understood the key principles that can help someone become a a Great Youtuber and make money during this process. The principles, terms are really understandable so that anyone can conceive them and start fulfilling his Youtube dreams and goals.
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International Business: Managing Globalization

International Business: Managing Globalization by John S. Hill
English | Nov. 26, 2008 | ISBN: 1412953642 | 736 Pages | True AZW4 (Kindle)/PDF (True) | 38.69 MB

Reflecting a strong managerial orientation, a corporate emphasis, and a true global-local focus, International Business: Managing Globalization explains the whats and whys of global differences as it covers industries, competitors, regions, and markets from the perspectives of practicing managers. Author John S. Hill reviews the geographic and historic backgrounds of regions and markets in a way that no other text has done, with special focus on global supply chains, global branding, and world religions as they affect management at the local level.

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Learn App Dev: The Simple Step by Step Guide That Anyone Can Follow to Make a Mobile App

Learn App Dev: The Simple Step by Step Guide That Anyone Can Follow to Make a Mobile App by Jason Nesbitt
English | 13 July 2015 | ASIN: B011KMOLK6 | 114 Pages | True AZW3 (Kindle)/(EPUB/PDF conv) | 7.45 MB

‘Coding is confusing! I don’t want to waste my time learning all these new languages and forget about relearning maths just to make an app. I want to be able to learn the bare minimum to get my very own app out to the world and make something I’m proud of.’

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Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search Success 2015

Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search Success 2015 by Fred Coon
English | 15 July 2015 | ASIN: B010PYAE4W | 157 Pages | True MOBI (Kindle)/(EPUB/PDF conv) | 12.77 MB

Job seekers must construct their LinkedIn profile so that it can easily be found by recruiters and corporations seeking qualified applicants. Job seekers are in a contest where there is only one winner. Companies do not hire two people for the same job. A LinkedIn profile must be sharp, its value easily understood, and the profile must be easily found by any recruiter or company seeking qualified job applicants.

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Southern Living No Taste Like Home

Kelly Alexander, Editors of Southern Living Magazine, “Southern Living No Taste Like Home: A Celebration of Regional Southern Cooking and Hometown Flavor”
ISBN: 0848739620 | 2013 | EPUB | 320 pages | 24 MB

There’s no region of the country more cherished and unique when it comes to food than the South. Southerners celebrate our food traditions. They are totems of our collective identity. Our grits, our fried chicken, our sweet tea, our butterbeans, our biscuits: These are powerful symbols of not just of Southern tastes but also of Southern values, of the kind of simple, honest-to-goodness home cooking, prepared with generosity of spirit and served up with generosity of ladle. These recipes are what distinguish and bind Southern culture. No Taste Like Home embraces the cultural identity of towns large and small all throughout the South and provides readers with recipes, stories, and highlights of all the unique regional flavors — from the Heartland of Dixie to Cajun Country, from The Coastal South to Bluegrass, Bourbon and BBQ Country and all points in between.

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Latest Advances in Inductive Logic Programming

Stephen Muggleton, “Latest Advances in Inductive Logic Programming”
2015 | ISBN-10: 1783265086 | 264 pages | True PDF | 5 MB

This book represents a selection of papers presented at the Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) workshop held at Cumberland Lodge, Great Windsor Park. The collection marks two decades since the first ILP workshop in 1991. During this period the area has developed into the main forum for work on logic-based machine learning. The chapters cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from theory and ILP implementations to state-of-the-art applications in real-world domains. The international contributors represent leaders in the field from prestigious institutions in Europe, North America and Asia.

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Storyscaping: Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds

Gaston Legorburu, “Storyscaping: Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds”
2014 | ISBN-10: 1118823281 | 256 pages | PDF | 7 MB

How to use powerful tood corporate lels to engage customers with your brand
Marketers, technologists, anaders are looking for ways to more effectively connect consumers with their brand. Storyscapes introduces “storyscaping” as a way to create immersive experiences that solve the challenge of connecting brands and consumers. This book describes a powerful new approach to advertising and marketing for the digital age that involves using stories to design emotional and transactional experiences for customers, both online and offline. Each connection inspires engagement with another, so the brand becomes part of the customer’s story. Authors Gaston Legorburu and Darren McColl explain how marketers can identify and define the core target audience segment, define your brand’s purpose, understand the emotional desires of your consumers, and more.

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The Gardener’s Guide to Weather and Climate: How to Understand the Weather and Make It Work for You

Michael Allaby, “The Gardener’s Guide to Weather and Climate: How to Understand the Weather and Make It Work for You”
English | ISBN: 1604695544 | 2015 | PDF | 336 pages | 28,6 MB

You may be at the whim of a changing climate, but you don’t have to let it ruin your garden. Weather expert Michael Allaby comes to the rescue with practical advice on adapting your garden to create optimum conditions for plants. You’ll learn how weather works, how to predict different conditions, and how to make the best of meteorological highs and lows. And you’ll discover fascinating insights into climate change, cloud formation, jet streams, and much more.

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Coloring Flower Mandalas: 30 Hand-drawn Designs for Mindful Relaxation

Wendy Piersall, “Coloring Flower Mandalas: 30 Hand-drawn Designs for Mindful Relaxation”
English | ISBN: 1612434576 | 2015 | EPUB | 64 pages | 3,3 MB


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Make: More Electronics

Make: More Electronics: Journey Deep Into the World of Logic Chips, Amplifiers, Sensors, and Randomicity by Charles Platt
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1449344046 | 392 pages | EPUB | 38 MB

Want to learn even more about electronics in a fun, hands-on way? If you finished the projects in Make: Electronics, or if you’re already familiar with the material in that book, you’re ready for Make: More Electronics. Right away, you’ll start working on real projects, and you’ll explore all the key components and essential principles through the book’s collection of experiments. You’ll build the circuits first, then learn the theory behind them!

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New Senior Mathematics for Years 11 & 12 (2nd Edition)

J.B. Fitzpatrick, “New Senior Mathematics for Years 11 & 12 (2nd Edition)”
English | ISBN: 1442564911 | 2012 | PDF | 551 pages | 71 MB

New Senior Mathematics for Years 11 & 12 is part of a new edition of the well-known mathematics series for New South Wales. We’ve completely updated the series for today’s classrooms, continuing the much-loved approach to deliver mathematical rigour with challenging student questions. The first three chapters of this student book contain revision material, providing the necessary foundation for the development of senior mathematical concepts.

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iPad Mini: The Complete Manual 4th Revised Edition

iPad Mini: The Complete Manual 4th Revised Edition
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785460838 | English | 180 pages | True PDF | 43.00 Mb

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eBay The Complete Manual

eBay The Complete Manual
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785460854 | English | 132 pages | True PDF | 17.00 Mb

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Day Hiking Mount Adams and Goat Rocks: Indian Heaven, Yakima Area, White Pass

Tami Asars, “Day Hiking Mount Adams and Goat Rocks: Indian Heaven, Yakima Area, White Pass”
English | ISBN: 1594857644 | 2014 | EPUB | 256 pages | 117 MB

The most up-to-date guidebook of the most stunning regions in the Cascades! Mount Adams is one of Washington’s treasured big volcanic peaks, while the Goat Rocks area is a favorite of serious hikers and backpackers. Day Hiking: Mount Adams and Goat Rocks provides routes to the 81 best day hikes throughout this region, which also includes Indian Heaven Wilderness, White Pass, the area east and north of Yakima, as well as a few hikes in the Tatoosh Wilderness and Tieton area. In addition to the plethora of day hikes, this guide also includes the South Spur summit route of Mount Adams, which can be done in one long day.

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Win the Game of Googleopoly: Unlocking the Secret Strategy of Search Engines

Sean V. Bradley, “Win the Game of Googleopoly: Unlocking the Secret Strategy of Search Engines”
ISBN: 1119002583 | 2015 | True PDF | 272 pages | 3 MB

Rank higher in search results with this guide to SEO and content building supremacy. Google is not only the number one search engine in the world, it is also the number one website in the world. Only 5 percent of site visitors search past the first page of Google, so if you’re not in those top ten results, you are essentially invisible. Winning the Game of Googleopoly is the ultimate roadmap to Page One Domination. The POD strategy is what gets you on that super-critical first page of Google results by increasing your page views. You’ll learn how to shape your online presence for Search Engine Optimization, effectively speaking Google’s language to become one of the top results returned for relevant queries. This invaluable resource provides a plan that is universal to any business in any industry, and provides expert guidance on tailoring the strategy to best suit your organization. Coverage includes an explanation of the mechanics of a search, and how to tie your website, paid ads, online reputation, social media, content, images, and video into a winning SEO strategy that pushes you to the front of the line.

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New Senior Mathematics Extension 1 (2nd Edition)

J.B. Fitzpatrick, “New Senior Mathematics Extension 1 (2nd Edition)”
English | ISBN: 1442566183 | 2013 | PDF | 370 pages | 82 MB

New Senior Mathematics Extension 1 for Years 11&12 covers all aspects of the Extension 1 Mathematics course for Year 11&12. We’ve completely updated the series for today’s classrooms, continuing the much-loved approach to deliver mathematical rigour with challenging student questions.

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Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises That Get Results in Just 15 Minutes

Brian Cole Miller, “Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises That Get Results in Just 15 Minutes”
English | ISBN: 0814436331 | 2015 | 208 pages | True PDF/EPUB | 2 + 2 MB

Every team needs a regular dose of team spirit to function at its best. That’s why managers turn to these easy and effective activities for building camaraderie and cohesion. Now in its second edition, Quick Team-Building Activities for Busy Managers addresses the problems that drag down group productivity and helps teams: collaborate successfully; cope with change; solve problems; communicate better; boost creativity; leverage diversity; and nurture healthy competition.

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Real-World Hadoop

Ted Dunning, Ellen Friedman, “Real-World Hadoop”
English | ISBN: 1491922664 | 2015 | 104 pages | PDF, EPUB | 9 MB

If you’re a business team leader, CIO, business analyst, or developer interested in how Apache Hadoop and Apache HBase-related technologies can address problems involving large-scale data in cost-effective ways, this book is for you. Using real-world stories and situations, authors Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman show Hadoop newcomers and seasoned users alike how NoSQL databases and Hadoop can solve a variety of business and research issues.

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Ruby Cookbook, 2nd Edition Final Release

Lucas Carlson, Leonard Richardson, “Ruby Cookbook, 2nd Edition Final Release”
English | ISBN: 1449373712 | 2015 | 992 pages | PDF, EPUB | 25 MB

Why spend time on coding problems that others have already solved when you could be making real progress on your Ruby project? This updated cookbook provides more than 350 recipes for solving common problems, on topics ranging from basic data structures, classes, and objects, to web development, distributed programming, and multithreading.

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R Packages

Hadley Wickham, “R Packages”
English | ISBN: 1491910593 | 2015 | 202 pages | True PDF/EPUB | 13 MB

Turn your R code into packages that others can easily download and use. This practical book shows you how to bundle reusable R functions, sample data, and documentation together by applying author Hadley Wickham’s package development philosophy. In the process, you’ll work with devtools, roxygen, and testthat, a set of R packages that automate common development tasks. Devtools encapsulates best practices that Hadley has learned from years of working with this programming language.

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