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Ultimate Guide to Photography 2016

Ultimate Guide to Photography 2016
MagBook | 2015 | ISBN: N|A | English | 164 pages | True PDF | 32.00 Mb

More people than ever are using digital Slrs (and CSCs) to take control of their photography and capture stunning photographs.
not only are cameras, lenses and accessories better quality than
ever, they are also more afordable too, allowing more people than
ever the chance to develop a passion for photography, develop
their skills and capture sharp, well-exposed images. The Ultimate
Guide to Photography is aimed at those looking to take their
photography to the next level by learning skills and techniques for
a variety of subjects. it is packed with expert advice from many of the uk’s leading
professional photographers, with emphasis on key in-camera techniques rather
than post-processing techniques. with topics covering everything from macro
to travel to coastal landscapes, the photographic possibilities are wide and varied.
throughout the guide, we bring you our choice of photo equipment to suit the
topic, while at the rear you’ll ind an extensive set of reviews. From nd graduated
ilters to premium optics, our authoritative tests ensure you get maximum value by
choosing the best kit for the job. Follow the expert advice in this guide and you’ll
soon see a marked improvement in the standard of your photography. all the best!







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