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The Indoor Epidemic: How Parents, Teachers, and Kids Can Start an Outdoor Revolution

The Indoor Epidemic: How Parents, Teachers, and Kids Can Start an Outdoor Revolution by Erik Shonstrom
English | November 8th, 2017 | ASIN: B076CWRFY1, ISBN: 1475825900 | 193 pages | EPUB | 0.52 MB

The Indoor Epidemic is an accessible, readable book that educators, parents, policymakers, and general readers can use to develop an in-depth understanding of the role the outdoors has played in our evolutionary and cultural history-and how it affects their own daily life. Readers will be astounded by the depth to which a sedentary, indoor lifestyle has negatively affected their ability to live a fulfilling life.

But it’s also a story, the story of our connection with the world, its inhabitants, and our own relationship with nature. It’s the story of what we know is right for our children, and yet what we deny them because of the imagined importance and fabricated effectiveness of indoor schooling.

The book’s readability, and its emphasis on practicality, will deeply engage readers. Furthermore, it serves as a guide to parents who are seeking to understand how to utilize the natural pathways to learning-simply by getting children outside.







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