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The C# Player’s Guide (3rd Edition)

RB Whitaker, "The C# Player’s Guide (3rd Edition)"
2016 | ISBN-10: 0985580135 | 406 pages | PDF | 5 MB

The C# Player’s Guide (3rd Edition) is the ultimate guide for people starting out with C#, whether you are new to programming, or an experienced vet. This guide takes you from your journey’s beginning, through the most challenging parts of programming in C#, and does so in a way that is casual, informative, and fun.

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Psychology, 7th edition

Stephen F. Davis, Joseph J. Palladino, "Psychology, 7th edition"
2012 | ISBN-10: 020584684X | 744 pages | PDF | 37 MB

Designed to make the Introductory Psychology course an engaging, relevant, and interactive experience, the authors of the new seventh edition of Psychology offer multiple decades of combined teaching experience to create an accessible textbook that encourages applied and active learning.

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Trigonometry (8 edition)

Mark Turner, Charles McKeague, "Trigonometry (8 edition)"
2016 | ISBN-10: 1305652223 | 624 pages | PDF | 26 MB

Gain a solid understanding of the principles of trigonometry and how these concepts apply to real life with McKeague/Turner’s TRIGONOMETRY. The book presents contemporary concepts in brief, manageable sections using current, detailed examples and interesting applications. Captivating illustrations such as cycling, the Ferris wheel, and the human cannonball show trigonometry in action. Unique Historical Vignettes offer a fascinating glimpse at how many of the central ideas in trigonometry began. The text is easy to read, and important theorems and definitions are boxed so they can be quickly identified for study purposes.

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Essentials of Oceanography (12 edition)

Author, "Essentials of Oceanography (12 edition)"
2016 | ISBN-10: 0134073541 | 624 pages | PDF | 176 MB

Essentials of Oceanography guides readers through the complexities of what lies beneath the ocean. With an interdisciplinary approach and accessible writing style, the text is engaging for all readers. The Twelfth Edition discusses the ocean’s biological, chemical, geological, and physical components for an in-depth understanding of this vast and elaborate topic. Complex concepts are made engaging with extensively revised art and interactive study aids that keep readers interested and excited about the material.

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Computers For Seniors For Dummies, 5th Edition

Nancy C. Muir, "Computers For Seniors For Dummies, 5th Edition"
English | ISBN: 1119420318 | 2017 | EPUB | 408 pages | 25,4 MB

The bestselling guide-now in a new edition
A computer provides a great resource for learning new things and keeping in touch with family and friends, but it may seem intimidating at first. The bestselling Computers For Seniors For Dummies is here to help the 50+ set conquer and overcome any uncertainty with clear-cut, easy-to-understand guidance on how to confidently navigate your computer and the Windows 10 operating system. Featuring large text and images, it’s never been easier for seniors to smoothly click their way around a new PC.

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Psychology in Your Life (2nd edition)

Sarah Grison, Todd Heatherton, Michael Gazzaniga, "Psychology in Your Life (2nd edition)"
2016 | ISBN-10: 0393265153 | 720 pages | PDF | 51 MB

Author Sarah Grison-an expert in the teaching of introductory psychology-has created a print and digital package with an equal commitment to the success of every instructor and student. A strong, author-driven support package-rich with original media, a test bank, Active Learning slides, and InQuizitive adaptive learning modules-provides instructors with everything they need to help today’s students understand and apply introductory psychology.

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Music Theory, 3rd Edition (Idiot’s Guides)

Music Theory, 3E (Idiot’s Guides) by Michael Miller
2016 | ISBN: 1465451676 | English | 368 pages | EPUB | 5 MB

Many people find music theory a tough subject-but it doesn’t have to be! The best-selling Idiot’s Guides: Music Theory, Third Edition, is a concise and clear guide that teaches any budding musician (and even more experienced ones) how to read musical notation by navigating the basics of reading and composing music. This book covers:

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Chess For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Chess For Dummies, 3rd Edition by James Eade
2011 | ISBN: 1118016955 | English | 384 pages | PDF | 29 MB

For all levels of chess players, Chess For Dummies, 3rd Edition, brings readers an updated guide to the wide world of chess. Offering easily-understood explanations of the game and its components, this book is a must have for those developing an interest or looking for an extra edge in chess.

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Trigonometry (2nd edition)

Professor John W Coburn, "Trigonometry (2nd edition)"
2010 | ISBN-10: 0077349970, 0073519480, 0077457307 | 452 pages | PDF | 139 MB

Three components contribute to a theme sustained throughout the Coburn Series: that of laying a firm foundation, building a solid framework, and providing strong connections. Not only does Coburn present a sound problem-solving process to teach students to recognize a problem, organize a procedure, and formulate a solution, the text encourages students to see beyond procedures in an effort to gain a greater understanding of the big ideas behind mathematical concepts.

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MUSIC, Second Edition

Michael Campbell, "MUSIC, Second Edition"
2014 | ISBN-10: 1285454057 | 400 pages | PDF | 144 MB

Created through the continuous feedback of a "student-tested, faculty-approved" process, MUSIC, Second Edition delivers a visually appealing and succinct print component with tear-out review and prep cards for students and instructors.

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Foundations of Earth Science (8 edition)

Frederick K. Lutgens, Edward J. Tarbuck, Dennis G. Tasa, "Foundations of Earth Science (8 edition)"
2016 | ISBN-10: 0134184815 | 576 pages | PDF | 84 MB

Ideal for undergraduates with little or no science background,Foundations of Earth Science provides a student-friendly, highly visual, non-technical survey of our physical environment with balanced, up-to-date coverage of geology, oceanography, astronomy, and meteorology. Foundations of Earth Science is thebrief, paperback version of the best-selling Earth Science by Lutgens and Tarbuck, and designed for introductory courses in Earth science. The new Eighth Edition facilitates active learning by incorporating learning objectives throughout each chapter to provide students with a structured learning path. The learning path is tied to chapter objectives, giving students opportunities to demonstrate their understanding at the end of each section.

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Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Sixth Edition

William M. Mendenhall, Terry L. Sincich, "Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Sixth Edition"
2016 | ISBN-10: 1498728855 | 1182 pages | PDF | 38 MB

Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, Sixth Edition is designed for a two-semester introductory course on statistics for students majoring in engineering or any of the physical sciences. This popular text continues to teach students the basic concepts of data description and statistical inference as well as the statistical methods necessary for real-world applications. Students will understand how to collect and analyze data and think critically about the results.

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Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance, 5th Edition

Roger A. Barker, Francesca Cicchetti, Emma S. J. Robinson , "Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance, 5th Edition"
English | ISBN: 1119168414 | 2017 | EPUB | 184 pages | 16,2 MB

Everything you need to know about Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience . at a Glance!

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Business Economics, 2nd Edition

Andrew Gillespie, "Business Economics, 2nd Edition"
English | ISBN: 0199657998 | 2013 | PDF | 528 pages | 4,7 MB

What determines demand for Apple’s iPad?
How can whole countries go bust?
Why did Tesco’s UK profits fall?

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Astronomy For Dummies, 4th Edition

Stephen P. Maran, "Astronomy For Dummies, 4th Edition"
English | ISBN: 1119374243 | 2017 | EPUB | 384 pages | 17,5 MB

Your updated guide to exploring the night sky
Do you know the difference between a red giant and a white dwarf? From asteroids to black holes, this easy-to-understand guide takes you on a grand tour of the universe. Featuring updated star maps, charts, and an insert with gorgeous full-color photographs, Astronomy For Dummies provides an easy-to-follow introduction to exploring the night sky. Plus, this new edition also comes with chapter quizzes online to help your understanding.

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Introduction to Health Psychology (4th Edition)

Paul Bennett, Val Morrison, "Introduction to Health Psychology (4th Edition)"
ISBN: 1292003138 | 2016 | PDF | 676 pages | 204.91 MB

This fourth edition retains the highly praised approach of previous editions, with each chapter providing an overview of the theory and research before moving on to explore applications and intervention practice.

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Contemporary Engineering Economics, Global Edition

Contemporary Engineering Economics, Global Edition by Chan S. Park
English | November 19th, 2015 | ISBN: 1292109092, 0134105591 | 985 pages | True PDF | 22.10 MB

For courses in engineering and economics Comprehensively blends engineering concepts with economic theory Contemporary Engineering Economics teaches engineers how to make smart financial decisions in an effort to create economical products.

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Pre-Algebra DeMYSTiFieD (2nd Edition)

Allan G. Bluman, "Pre-Algebra DeMYSTiFieD (2nd Edition)"
ISBN: 0071742522 | 2010 | EPUB | 123 pages | 6.84 MB

Preempt your anxiety about PRE-ALGEBRA! Ready to learn math fundamentals but can’t seem to get your brain to function? No problem! Add Pre-Algebra Demystified, Second Edition, to the equation and you’ll solve your dilemma in no time. Written in a step-by-step format, this practical guide begins by covering whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, and percents. You’ll move on to expressions, equations, measurement, and graphing.

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Writing Today, 3rd Edition

Writing Today (3rd Edition) by Richard Johnson-Sheehan, Charles Paine
2015 | ISBN: 032198465X | English | 832 pages | PDF | 14 MB

Organized by genre-practical for college and career

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Calculus: Third Edition

Adams C. , Rogawski J., "Calculus: Third Edition"
2015 | ISBN-10: 1464125260 | 1150 pages | PDF | 103 MB

The most successful calculus book of its generation, Jon Rogawski’s Calculus offers an ideal balance of formal precision and dedicated conceptual focus, helping students build strong computational skills while continually reinforcing the relevance of calculus to their future studies and their lives.

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