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Labs on Chip: Principles, Design and Technology

Eugenio Iannone, “Labs on Chip: Principles, Design and Technology”
English | ISBN: 146656072X | 2014 | 1178 pages | PDF | 71 MB

Labs on Chip: Principles, Design and Technology provides a complete reference for the complex field of labs on chip in biotechnology. Merging three main areas- fluid dynamics, monolithic micro- and nanotechnology, and out-of-equilibrium biochemistry-this text integrates coverage of technology issues with strong theoretical explanations of design techniques. Analyzing each subject from basic principles to relevant applications,

this book:
Describes the biochemical elements required to work on labs on chip
Discusses fabrication, microfluidic, and electronic and optical detection techniques
Addresses planar technologies, polymer microfabrication, and process scalability to huge volumes
Presents a global view of current lab-on-chip research and development
Devotes an entire chapter to labs on chip for genetics

Summarizing in one source the different technical competencies required, Labs on Chip: Principles, Design and Technology offers valuable guidance for the lab-on-chip design decision-making process, while exploring essential elements of labs on chip useful both to the professional who wants to approach a new field and to the specialist who wants to gain a broader perspective.


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