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Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences, 2nd Edition

Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences, 2nd Edition by Kirsten Franklin, Paul Muir, Terry Scott, Paul Yates
2019 | ISBN: 1118934504 | English | 600 pages | PDF | 20 MB

A thoroughly updated and extended new edition of this well-regarded introduction to the basic concepts of biological physics for students in the health and life sciences.

Designed to provide a solid foundation in physics for students following health science courses, the text is divided into six sections: Mechanics, Solids and Fluids, Thermodynamics, Electricity and DC Circuits, Optics, and Radiation and Health. Filled with illustrative examples, Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences, Second Edition features a wealth of concepts, diagrams, ideas and challenges, carefully selected to reference the biomedical sciences. Resources within the text include interspersed problems, objectives to guide learning, and descriptions of key concepts and equations, as well as further practice problems.


Optical Instruments
Advanced Geometric Optics
Thermodynamic Processes
Heat Engines and Entropy
Thermodynamic Potentials
This comprehensive text offers an important resource for health and life science majors with little background in mathematics or physics. It is also an excellent reference for anyone wishing to gain a broad background in the subject.

Topics covered include:

Force and Newton’s Laws of Motion Energy
Waves Sound and Hearing
Fluid Dynamics Temperature and the Zeroth Law
Ideal Gases Phase and Temperature Change
Water Vapour
Thermodynamics and the Body Static Electricity
Electric Force and Field
Direct Currents and DC Circuits
The Eye and Vision Optical Instruments
Atoms and Atomic Physics
The Nucleus and Nuclear Physics
Ionising Radiation
Medical imaging
Magnetism and MRI





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