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High Protein Vegan Salads: 50 Recipes for Weight-Loss and Vitality

High Protein Vegan Salads: 50 Recipes for Weight-Loss and Vitality by Eva Alcobendas
English | 22 Aug. 2017 | ASIN: B0752VX61H | 82 Pages | AZW3 | 21.08 MB

High Protein Vegan Salads is not strictly for vegans. Healthy eating is for everyone. Whatever your dietary choices may be, you will benefit from adding more plant based foods to your diet. It’s the best way to improve body composition, get better sleep, age more healthfully, and feel great.

As humans, we are meant to eat plants. They supply our body with crucial nutrients, disease fighting antioxidants, and filling fiber. If you are looking for quick, delicious ways to include more of these healthy ingredients in your diet, this book is a great reference.

The biggest challenge when adopting a vegan diet, especially for athletes, is reaching the necessary protein intake. This compilation of recipes is not only completely free of animal products, excess sugar, or unhealthy fats; but also includes a high amount of plant protein in each serving. Plant proteins are crucial to ensure that you are getting the adequate amount of amino acids for good health, but also to help you stay full and satisfied.

The common misconceptions about vegan diets are that vegan food isn’t nutritious enough due to its lack of protein, or that it isn’t tasty, or that it’s too much of a hassle to make. These are the very same myths that we want to dispel with our new and compact vegan recipe book.









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