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Get Lean, Stay Lean: The 6-Step Lifestyle Change Program for a Happier, Healthier Body, for Life

Joanna McMillan, "Get Lean, Stay Lean: The 6-Step Lifestyle Change Program for a Happier, Healthier Body, for Life"
English | ISBN: 174336850X | 2017 | EPUB | 240 pages | 14,5 MB

Get Lean, Stay Lean explains why it so hard to be a healthy weight, how genes influence body weight, and how you can adapt your lifestyle for a healthier, happier life.Get Lean, Stay Lean is not a diet and exercise program with an end date – it’s a way of life. It’s not about being perfect or becoming some sort of health evangelist.

It’s a doable, realistic, joyful and delicious way of living a life that aligns with great health, vitality and weight control.Dr Joanna Macmillan shows you how to reboot your body’s ‘computer’. By adopting certain dietary and lifestyle changes, selecting from the 100 recipes on offer and incorporating regular exercise into your daily life, you really can change the way your body works, for the better. For example, enjoy a leisurely weekend breakfast with a Ricotta, bacon and asparagus frittata; lunch on Roast veggie salad with pomegranate dressing; dine on Oyster beef noodles; and enjoy a slice of Flourless blood orange and almond maple cake for dessert. Eating delicious recipes like these makes you better at burning fat, better at controlling your appetite, better at controlling blood glucose and insulin levels, better at performing exercise, better at performing at work while, whilst still having the energy you need to enjoy your life. It’s really that simple.





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