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Cryptography: An Introductory Crash Course on the Science and Art of Coding and Decoding of Messages, Ciphers, Cryptograms and Encryption by George Bull
English | 16 Aug 2016 | ASIN: B01KJIHJYC | 156 Pages | PDF | 3.93 MB

This book is an introductory crash course to Cryptography and Cryptanalysis. It is presented using a ground-up approach to learning so that readers of all knowledge levels can understand the content. It provides a brief history of Cryptography, and attempts to explain what Cryptography is and why it is so important to everyone today. Discussions include a brief introduction to cryptography, and Classical Ciphers. Further discussions in Chapters 3 and 4 include Cryptography encountered within our daily lives, and Applications of Cryptography. The focus is on the average person needing to ensure their information is secure and Investigative Applications. In discussing investigative applications short stories are provided to highlight the fields of Law Enforcement, National Security as well as Archeology. In 4.2 readers have the opportunity to practice their new found Cryptography skill set. Several Cryptanalysis code breaking tips are also provided within chapter 5. Within chapters 6 and 7 discussions touch on Mechanical Ciphers and Modern Computerized Ciphers. This book ends with a candid discussion on the Future of Cryptography focusing on evolving legal issues. These include arguments from Privacy and National Security Advocates; current international legislative trends; US Court Decisions and a few Author Insights.





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