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Professional Cooking Techniques Master Chef

Professional Cooking Techniques Master Chef by Mariana Sebess
English | 4 Jan. 2017 | ASIN: B01NCT272F | ISBN-13: 9789874535757 | 391 Pages | EPUB/PDF (conv) | 38.31 MB

“When – Master Chef Professional Cooking Techniques – was first introduced, we mentioned that the number of cookbooks available for professionals and amateurs was nearly infinite. Yet most of were simply recipe books, only a few of which demonstrated some cooking techniques. Moreover, the handful that presented comprehensive cooking techniques was written in languages unfamiliar for our part of the world. Thus, in 2003, we published a manual for specialized readers that filled this gap in Latin America’s professional cuisine industry.Our manual was the first of its kind in Spanish providing comprehensive, step-by-step techniques for international cuisine, with the procedures needed for preparing fruits, vegetables, poultry, all types of meat, fish, seafood, pastas, sauces, soups, eggs, pastries, and doughs.

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Indoor Edible Garden: Creative Ways to Grow Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables in Your Home

Zia Allaway, "Indoor Edible Garden: Creative Ways to Grow Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables in Your Home"
English | ISBN: 1465456872 | 2017 | 221 pages | PDF | 83 MB

Grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers in your home that look amazing and taste even better with Indoor Edible Garden.

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Idiot’s Guides: Autoimmune Cookbook

Idiot’s Guides: Autoimmune Cookbook by Amari Thomsen
2015 | ISBN: 1615648666 | English | 224 pages | PDF | 55 MB

According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, autoimmune disease affects up to 50 million Americans-that’s 1 in 12-and disease rates have tripled in the last 30 years. Modern medicine doesn’t seem able to help much, but diet can make a huge difference. The autoimmune protocol (AIP) program makes specific food choices to help reduce inflammation in the body and assist in managing symptoms.

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The World Atlas of Whisky

The World Atlas of Whisky by Dave Broom
English | 6 Oct. 2014 | ISBN: 1845339517 | 171 Pages | PDF (True) | 56.92 MB

Award-winning author and whisky expert Dave Broom explores over 200 distilleries and examines over 400 expressions. Detailed descriptions of the Scottish distilleries can be found here, while Ireland, Japan, the USA, Canada and the rest of the world are given exhaustive coverage. There are tasting notes on single malts from Aberfeldy to Tormore, Yoichi (and coverage of the best of the blends). Six specially created ‘Flavour Camp Charts’ group whiskies by style and allow readers to identify new whiskies from around the world to try.

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Easy Cracker Cookbook: 50 Delicious Cracker Recipes; Simple Techniques for Cooking with Crackers

Easy Cracker Cookbook: 50 Delicious Cracker Recipes; Simple Techniques for Cooking with Crackers by BookSumo Press
English | 11 Feb. 2017 | ISBN: 1543045278 | 116 Pages | PDF (conv) | 0.9 MB

Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

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The Quick and Easy Dump Dessert Recipe Book: Over 25 Delicious Dump Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet T…

The Quick and Easy Dump Dessert Recipe Book: Over 25 Delicious Dump Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth by Martha Stephenson
English | 13 Feb. 2017 | ASIN: B06XMQ7XLM | 42 Pages | EPUB/PDF (conv) | 4.04 MB

Do you wish to make some of the most delicious dessert recipes possible? Do you want to save time in the kitchen and make a dessert dish that only takes a couple of minutes to put together?

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Cooking with Cocktails: 100 Spirited Recipes

Cooking with Cocktails: 100 Spirited Recipes by Kristy Gardner
English | 4 Apr. 2017 | ISBN: 1581573979 | 256 Pages | EPUB/PDF (conv) | 33.71 MB

Boozy starters, main meals, desserts, and more, accompanied by stunning photography.

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Food as Medicine Everyday: Reclaim Your Health With Whole Foods

Food as Medicine Everyday: Reclaim Your Health with Whole Foods by Nd Julie Briley
English | 14 Sept. 2016 | ISBN: 194578508X | 267 Pages | PDF (conv) | 9.1 MB

"Food as medicine" is a powerful approach to health and healing, intimately woven into naturopathic medical education. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Briley remind us that poor dietary choices are a major element in the exploding issues of chronic disease. What nutrients does the body need for healthy functioning? What foods have these nutrients? When shopping for these foods and preparing them, what strategies are helpful? What is a balanced meal? There are invaluable sections on how to read food labels, on healthy snacks for kids and strategies for converting kids’ unhealthy eating patterns. Mealtime is tasty and uncomplicated with the wonderful recipes provided. Designed for families, the authors are family guides themselves, each with young children and busy professional lives. Food As Medicine Everyday: Reclaim Your Health With Whole Foods is thoroughly researched, beautifully written and elegantly illustrated while serving up a winning combination of information and practical application for the busy modern family.

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Food for Thought

Food for Thought by Deborah Rodin
English | 6 Feb. 2017 | ASIN: B01NC2V79Q | 131 Pages | PDF (conv) | 14.3 MB

Imagine wrapping your faith around a promise from God as you are creating a sausage encased in a delectable golden brioche crust. Or rejoice in the fact that your sins have been rolled away as you take up that rolling pin and fashion a lovely focaccia. Do you remember Jeremiah’s visit to the potter’s house and the vital message he received? It’s something to ponder as you prepare a Mediterranean-style fish baked in a clay pot.

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World Whiskey, 2nd Edition

World Whiskey, 2nd Edition by DK
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1465453598 | 352 pages | PDF | 94,7 MB

World Whiskey is your nation-by-nation whiskey bible to more than 700 varieties and top award-winners from around the world.

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Top Chef The Cookbook

Top Chef The Cookbook by The Creators of Top Chef
2008 | ISBN: 0811864308 | English | 256 pages | PDF | 62 MB

Top Chef presents the official companion cookbook to the No. 1 rated food show on cable television! Featuring 100 fabulous recipes from the first three seasons of the show, including dishes from the Elimination Rounds and the Quick-Fire Challenges, Top Chef: The Cookbook invites fans into the hottest kitchen on prime time. In-depth discussions with contestants, judges, and crew reveal the inner workings of the show, and lavish photographs take readers behind-the-scenes into the Top Chef pantry and the competition sites. Handsomely packaged with a canvas cover inspired by the chef’s jacket worn by each of the Top Chef contestants, this cookbook will have aspiring culinary contenders reliving classic show moments and relishing new recipes just in time to obsess over Padma’s outfits in Season 4.

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4 Ingredients Healthy Diet

4 Ingredients Healthy Diet by Kim McCosker
2016 | ISBN: 0980595975, eISBN: 9781925368574, ASIN: B015ND2AMO | English | 144 pages | EPUB | 29 MB

4 Ingredients Healthy Diet is a lifestyle, cooking must-have for the kitchen. Health and happiness starts within, from the foods we choose to fuel our body. 4 Ingredients Healthy Diet has been created as the ‘go-to’ cookbook for EASY, EVERYDAY achievable meals using ingredients that the human body is naturally designed to digest. Understanding the nutritional value of WHAT we eat, complementing with moderate exercise and lots of water, is the key to maintaining an overall wellness and the basis of 4 Ingredients Healthy Diet.

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Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook

Sarah Randell, "Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook"
English | ISBN: 1444784323 | 2015 | EPUB | 224 pages | 7,3 MB

From the arrival of the first boxes of bitter Seville oranges at the greengrocer’s in January, to the sweet-sharp scent of citrus fruit filling the kitchen as the preserving pan bubbles away on the stove, there is something deeply satisfying about the annual ritual of making marmalade and piling the pantry shelves high with neatly labeled jars of glistening preserves.

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Taste of the French Caribbean

Denis Rosembert, "Taste of the French Caribbean"
English | ISBN: 1911110756 | 2017 | EPUB | 414 pages | 6 MB

Stir up an authentic taste of the Caribbean at home with chef Denis Rosembert’s first ever cookbook. The St Lucia born restauranteur lovingly curates his favourite dishes – from delicious jerk chicken to spicy mutton curry and sweet golden apple cake – for you to recreate, bringing the unique flavours and exotic aromas of the island – renowned for its seafood and exquisite chocolates – vividly to life in your own kitchen.

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Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Over 100 Delicious Pressure Cooker Recipes For The Whole Famil…

Ronnie Israel, "Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Over 100 Delicious Pressure Cooker Recipes For The Whole Family"
English | ISBN: 1517507316 | 2015 | EPUB | 146 pages | 3 MB

Cook Great Meals In Your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cooking has never been easier with the Instant Pot. From sauteing, stewing, steaming to slow cooking and lots more, the instant pot has been programmed to make cooking a quick and delightful experience.

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My Zero-Waste Kitchen: Easy Ways to Eat Waste Free

DK, "My Zero-Waste Kitchen: Easy Ways to Eat Waste Free"
English | ISBN: 0241296528 | 2017 | EPUB | 72 pages | 17,4 MB

Looking to live sustainably without overhauling your life? My Zero-Waste Kitchen shows you how to put the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – into practice in the kitchen.

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28 Day Plant-Powered Health Report

Jessica Jones , Wendy Lopez, "28 Day Plant-Powered Health Report"
English | ISBN: 162414358X | 2017 | EPUB | 224 pages | 12 MB

Discover the power of plant-based eating to reset your body’s internal systems. You’ll feel better and reap the health benefits of this cleansing diet while learning which nutrients are best, how to meal plan and how to get healthy.

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100 Weight Loss Bowls

DK, "100 Weight Loss Bowls"
English | ISBN: 0241295742 | 2017 | EPUB | 192 pages | 10 MB

100 Weight Loss Bowls is the only recipe book you need to create good bowl food that’s low in calories and high in flavour.

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As the Romans Do: Authentic and reinvented recipes from the Eternal City

Eleonora Galasso, "As the Romans Do: Authentic and reinvented recipes from the Eternal City"
English | ISBN: 1784721387 | 2016 | EPUB | 304 pages | 14 MB

Rome is steeped in history and tradition, and this is reflected in the sheer vibrancy and variety of its food. In As the Romans Do, Instagram star and Roman native Eleonora Galasso will take you on a journey amongst the houses, the sanpietrini, the tiny side streets, the palazzos, the traditions, the community and the hidden gems of this never ending, always eternal city. From quick and earthy breakfasts and vivacious al fresco meals to brilliant off-the-cuff dinner parties, you will find a recipe to suit every occasion.

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Eat. Live. Go – Fresh Food Fast

Donal Skehan, "Eat. Live. Go – Fresh Food Fast"
English | ISBN: 1473640113 | 2016 | EPUB | 256 pages | 16,3 MB

The quick and easy cookbook from Irish TV star and Saturday Kitchen host Donal Skehan.

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