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Bomber!: Famous Bomber Missions of World War II

Bomber!: Famous Bomber Missions of World War II by Robert Jackson
English | 28 Sept. 2017 | ASIN: B0761WF4KY | 300 Pages | AZW3 | 796.27 KB

In Bomber!, Robert Jackson retells a story of courage, a moment in history that virtually surpassed any other aspect of warfare.

He gives bomber crews a voice, recognising their extreme level of suffering as bravery and applauding them for it. It is revealed how frequently they were called to leave the security of their bases and fly for long hours over dangerous enemy territory, braving swarms of fighters, not knowing if they would survive.

Jackson puts this into perspective as he detailing describes the losses suffered in both the American attack on Scweinfurt and Regensburg and the RAF night raid on Nürnberg, where in total the Allies lost over 150 heavy bombers and nearly 1,300 aircrew. It is through this destruction, terror and limitless fighting that Jackson portrays the level of horror that took place in the Second World War and the amount of courage it would have taken to survive it.

Most poignantly, the French crew who became the first Allied airmen to bomb Berlin; the six RAF Lancasters that flew deep into Germany in daylight; and the American attack on the oil refineries at Ploeşti are just a few of the many courageous stories of courage.

“. with precise, controlled writing, Mr Jackson has made a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the air war .” – The New York Times

Robert Jackson was born in Yorkshire in 1941 and was a fulltime author from 1969, specialising in aviation and military history. He speaks five different languages and has flown a variety of aircraft, and also lectures on pilot navigation and acts as a consultant to a helicopter company in North-East England.







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